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The Pilgrim’s Seven Keywords

The Pilgrim's seven keywords, namely slowness, freedom, simplicity, silence, mindfulness, sharing and spirituality, were compiled by pilgrim priest Hans-Erik Lindström to interpret the pilgrim's soul. These keywords express in various ways the contemporary human's longing for wholeness in an often fragmented existence.

Pilgrimage is a journey inward, a trek through the landscape of the soul. A journey that demands courage and determination, yet offers the opportunity to discover one’s true self.


is the key to presence. When everything moves at a slower pace, life becomes more tangible. You can hear the birds’ song and see the colors of the flowers. You can feel the wind caressing your face and the sun’s warm rays on your skin.


is breaking free from what holds you captive, what limits you and prevents you from being who you truly are. It’s daring to step out into the unknown and explore new horizons.


is daring to simplify, letting go of the unnecessary and focusing on what truly matters. Living in the present moment and experiencing the joy in the little things.


is listening to the voice of the soul, taking time for reflection and contemplation. It’s finding peace in the stillness that surrounds us.


is living in the moment and not letting oneself be dragged down by worries of the past or fears of the future. It’s trusting that everything will work out as it should.


is showing compassion and sharing what one has. It’s about listening and understanding, grieving and rejoicing together.


is opening oneself up to the divine, seeking that which is greater than oneself. It’s about finding the essence of existence and understanding that everything is interconnected.
So let the pilgrim’s seven keywords guide you on your journey through life. A journey that takes you through the landscape of the soul and offers the opportunity to discover your true self.

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