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Revsunds Church is the largest rural church in the county and is beautifully located, reflecting itself in Lake Revsund. In the same location, there used to be an old stone church whose oldest parts were built in the 12th century. One of the ancient transportation routes between the Gulf of Bothnia and Trøndelag passed by here, and it is assumed that the transportation route determined the location of the old church at the strait.
This is historic ground where King Olav, the Holy Birgitta, and King Magnus Eriksson with Queen Blanka passed by. It was, therefore, quite natural that when the current church was built, it was decided to build it in the same place as the old one. Construction began in 1871, and the church was inaugurated in 1876 by Bishop Lars Landgren.
Revsunds Church contains several historically interesting and remarkable items, several of which have been preserved and transferred from the old 12th-century church. Here, among other things, there is a very beautiful pulpit, made in 1651 by Per Ifvarsson. Another attraction is the old church’s beautifully carved door, made in 1698 by Gregorius Raaf.
Even older than the aforementioned items are some sculptures from the Middle Ages, a triumphal crucifix from the 1400s, a picture of St. Olaf, and one of the Virgin Mary with the child, both probably from the late 1300s. Also, a picture of St. Michael, probably from the late 1400s. The church bells are also an inheritance from the old church. The smaller bell is a gift from King Karl XI, given during his journey through Jämtland in 1686. Remarkably, this bell was cracked during the tolling for his funeral in 1697. It was later re-cast and is still in use.
With its beautiful location and many attractions, Revsunds Church is well worth a visit.